Welcome to the First WISH PLACE!

You dream – we make your dreams come true. Don’t waste your time and effort for searching products and services – Publish your WISHES at Payris, get REWARDS and ENJOY life.

What is Payris?

First Global Wish Place – a mobile operation system where Customers publish their Wishes and

Businesses complete them.

We created a 3-step innovative concept of Dreaming,

Sales and Marketing for you! Dream Big - It Matters!

Create a Wish

Choose from vendor proposals in your
Payris inbox

Get what you want
+ a Reward from Payris

Why Payris?
  • Time Saving – you spend 5 minutes in the app and save time on searching the web, comparing prices, reading reviews etc.

  • Way to Earn – the more you use Payris app, the more rewards you get – for publishing and completing wishes, participating in Surveys, rating Vendors etc.

  • Transparency and Safety – Payris Vendors are best in class products’ and services’ providers; you enjoy cooperating with and can easily rate any time you need it. Blockchain solution supported shortly.

  • Shopping in your Pocket – an easy-to-use app (iOS and Android) will make your shopping and dreaming journeys unforgettable. Anything you want can be ordered and delivered to you in 5 clicks

  • You are the King, not content or marketing any more – you generate #tags to publish wishes, you choose vendors to complete your wishes, you make products and services to appear in your country or neighborhood. You are one of us, Payris Team, and we will rule the world together.

How it works?
Wish Feed

All published Wishes can be reviewed at Wish Feed. This is the first page you see after login to the app – here you can see what Payris users wish, as well as press the Plus button and Create your own wish in 2 clicks.

Create Wish

Press Payris button (below in the center) and create your Wish. Enter a short text description, add #Tags by using wish categories by spinning a wheel at the bottom of the page, follow Mascot instructions and fill in all the fields with Place, Price, Date and Personal Data and press the Publish Wish button at the bottom of the page.


In your Profile you can see status of your activity in the app – on your wishes and surveys completed, as well as edit your personal info


Payris Surveys – is a nice opportunity to earn additional Rewards in 2 clicks. Choose a survey you like in the Wish Feed and press the Point pic in the right bottom corner under the pic. You will get to the Survey page with 1-10 questions to answer. Follow Mascot instructions and fill in the answers using the Wheel in the bottom. Press Send button and get a reward.


Click the Point pic in the right upper corner and review all your Rewards and activity in Payris. By pressing the Get Points button in the bottom of the page you will be redirected to the page where you will choose sum you want to get to your Bank Wallet. NOTE! You need at least 25 points and 1 completed wish to able to get Payris Points.


Moods are published in the Wish Feed along with Wishes and Surveys. These are Special Offers of our Vendors that can become your Wish in 2 clicks – press Plus pic in the right bottom corner and Publish Mood as a Wish.

Want to be a member of global Payris Team? Download the app