Welcome to Payris – the First Wish Place!

Payris is a 100% new approach to customer journeys and realization of their wishes. It’s an innovative sales and marketing instrument for our Vendors as well – you will get 100% quality Hot Wishes from verified Payris users and will be able to get new clients with a Zero marketing budget.

Payris – is the first mobile platform (iOS and Android) to accumulate in one wishplace both Dreamers (Clients) and Vendors (Businesses).

Once a user publishes a wish, a Vendor sees it and starts to complete. Neither shopping nor selling has never been so easy!

3 easy-to-do steps to get your Hot Leads from Payris platform:

  1. Register in Payris platform
  2. Create a campaign and add #Tags
  3. Complete wishes and earn


Here we go!


Who we are: A story behind Payris

Hey there! We are a large international team of futurists and IT business leaders, led by the purpose to make the world a better and more comfortable place for people.

Once we thought: why realization of our wishes takes so much time and effort? To look for available options and solutions, to find companies, to get in touch or to get to the shop, compare prices etc. Why don’t brands, suppliers, and service companies appreciate our wishes and make this process 10 times easier for us?

And we decided to break the rules and created Payris – the first wishplace, built on the new economy of happiness, gifts, and fulfillment of wishes.

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Our Team
Alex Glotov
Alex Glotov, CEO

When you watch the stars - you are in the past. When you dream at Payris - you are in the future.

Andrii Dligach
Andrii Dligach, CMO

Payris is an innovative market mechanism with no need to search for a solution - solution finds you by itself! Customer Wishes are valuable just because they are expressed at Payris. Marketing effective just because it's personalised.

Denys Gurak
Denys Gurak, Board Member, Business Development

We are here to reinvent theory of consumption. Wishes matter, not search engines.

Michael Babyak
Michael Babyak, Board Member, Marketing in USA

New roads need new approaches. I believe Payris will lead us to restructuring brands' approach to consumer marketing.